No matter what project you're thinking of, you can plan, execute, and monitor it in SAU. All the most popular tools for working with tasks and projects are already available on the web portal and in the apps for phones and tablets.

Signing up for SAU will take you less than 10 seconds — just put your email and password, and you're ready to create your first project and tasks.
At first, your personal dashboard will be empty, but as soon as you create your projects and tasks, widgets will begin to fill with information. On the blue panel at the top of the screen, you can create your first task — just type its name and click Add. A project for the first task will be automatically created, and you can modify its name and settings at any time.

We recommend starting with our collection of templates — these are ready-made projects for any occasion. They're already filled with tasks, links, files, descriptions, and sometimes even due dates. Templates are accessible by clicking the button on the grey vertical panel on the left.
To create a project, press the New Project button at the bottom of the projects panel. Then, just name it and click "Save."
Project is created!

Inside the project card, you can specify people who can see tasks and participate in their execution. This way, you can set up a Project Team. The right part of the project card contains a "Team" members where you can select people from the provided list, or invite your friends, colleagues, and loved ones to join SAU. Just click the Haven't found your friend? button, enter the email and this person will participate in the project. By making the project team-based, you grant members the ability to see all the project tasks, create their own, make changes to project data and tasks, and also receive notifications.
One of the most popular tools for task management is the To-do List. Create your first task on the blue panel inside your project. By default, the task will be assigned to you (if it's a personal project), and the due date will be set for today. While creating a task, you can assign a different person or set a date using the hotkeys. All new tasks will be added to the top of the list. You can manage tasks right inside the To-do List (not need to open the task card):
  • set a task's due date
  • assign someone to the task
  • reorder tasks in the list
  • mark a task as ✅ done or undo completion
  • gauge task progress by its indicator
  • view the task's filled-in details
To view and add more details to a task, simply click on its title to open its card. Inside this card, you can add and keep descriptions, checklists, attachments, logs; set recurrence, and reminders. You can also view the project details — just click on the three-dot button in the upper right corner and select "About the project."
There are seven other popular productivity tools that can be found in SAU. You can toggle between them from the menu under the project's name. Any of your projects can be managed through these tools or views.
  • The Table allows you to display additional task data all in one place.
  • The Board offers a convenient way to organize and visualize your project by stages or types of tasks.
  • The Calendar is perfect for managing task deadlines, marking essential deadlines, seeing the workload for each day and assignee, and easy redistributing tasks throughout the month.
  • The Tracker is the best tool for managing recurring tasks. With the tracker, you can regularly mark the same task as done, tracking progress and motivating yourself to continue.
  • The Library compiles all attachments from all project tasks on one screen — be it files, links, photos, videos, etc. The library makes it easy to find and work with any attachment. For convenience and accelerated workflow, the library also offers a view switch, statistics, and filters.
  • The Chats allow you to communicate with the project team within any task. The chat isn't just for texting and communication — any message can be transformed into a task or a checklist item. The chat is accessible both in the task card and in a view with all project chats.
  • The Dashboard offers project analytics: tasks, deadlines, assignees, completion, attachments, and more. Any deviations or issues in the project are immediately reflected in the dashboard widgets.
In all these views, you can change the assignee, deadline, task completion status, and task order in the list, as well as see the presence of additional parameters.
You can create an unlimited number of projects with any number of tasks and participants. All your projects (as well as projects where you've been invited to the team) are accessible from the Project Panel. This panel is always on the left, or can be hidden/revealed using the button located in the top left corner. Every project has an icon indicating its type: for personal or for team projects. If a color has been assigned to a project, it's displayed as a left border of the project's name. To the right of the name, you can see the number of tasks in the project and their overall status.

The Indicator displays the task's status based on its completion and deadline.
task is done
task doesn't have a deadline or the due date hasn't arrived yet
task is overdue — the deadline has passed, but it's still not done
This indication is used universally to illustrate the status of tasks, projects, and the diligence of assignees — on dashboards, in task and project lists, in notifications, and in e-mails.

You can export projects and their tasks (either as an email list or in Excel), duplicate them, and also archive them once the project is completed. The search function works for both active and archived tasks — you just need to enter a few characters from the title or description.

You can set up notifications for any project or task. Notifications will promptly be delivered to your phone or periodically summarized in an e-mail digest. All settings can be adjusted in the user profile.

On your personal dashboard , widgets also display the most important details about your tasks. By clicking on the task count widget or on a productivity chart bar, you can see the list of relevant tasks. In this list, tasks can also be marked as done, deadlines adjusted, or any other changes can made through the task card.
SAU is available on all your favorite devices. is available on the web through any modern browser. It is also adapted for tablets and phones.
SAU app is available in the App Store for iPhone and iPad. There are also versions of the app for Apple Watch and macOS.
SAU apps for iOS, macOS and Apple Watch
SAU app is also available on Google Play for Android phones and tablets.
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