All SAU features

All SAU features

Plan it. Visualize it. Do it. Monitor it.
With SAU features you can manage any project the way you want. All projects matter


Projects and tasks

Make shopping lists, plan trips with friends, control work tasks, maintain meeting calendars, create work-out trackers. No limits on the number of projects or tasks.

Teams and invites

Work on a project together! Invite relatives, friends, and colleagues to your team; you’ll only need to give their emails. No limits on the number of people on a team!

Project, task etc. card

Look through the parameters of a project or task in a convenient format; change user settings in the personal profile.

Personal projects

Work on personal projects accessible only by you; no one will see them except you, unless you give your permission.

Team projects

Work on projects in a team: tasks are accessible only by those you have included into the team.

Fast task creation

Add tasks in one click, without complicated forms and verification procedures.

Mass task creation

Create several tasks at once: just separate them with a line break.

Deadlines and assignee

Assign deadlines and responsible persons in one click right in the All Tasks list.

Project, task order

List tasks and projects in the order that will reflect your priorities: the most important at the beginning of the list, the least important at the end.

In-task checklist

Break up big tasks into smaller sub-tasks, or set milestones to the task's successful completion.

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Task reminders

Do not forget your tasks: reminders will come via an email or text message and appear in the Dashboard.

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Recurring tasks

Set recurring task parameters: SAU will remind of it when needed

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Color coding for projects

Create your own system of project colour coding and find the required project in seconds.

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Project templates

Use our project templates if you don’t know where to begin.

Custom project templates

Create your own templates based on your own projects: publish them for common use or leave them for your own use only.

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Copying of tasks and projects

Copy projects in whole, with teams and settings, or just separate tasks.

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To-do List

View tasks in the simplest and most convenient format of the To-do list: one line for each task with a deadline, responsible person, and completion checkmark.


View the most detailed information about your tasks in the format of a table.


Go for a board format if your tasks have stages or types. Create columns for them and place tasks right in the columns.


Use a calendar — the most visual tool for working with tasks that have dates: planning and organizing meetings, events, to-do items in the format of a monthly schedule.

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In the tracker, visualize recurring tasks that are to be fulfilled daily or on a less regular basis.

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Communicate in the chat, which allows performing efficient teamwork, communicating inside a task, and turning messages into sub-tasks.

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Task status color indicators

Monitor the performance of work with the help of colour indicators that are assigned to each task depending on deadline and degree of completion.

Project color indicators

Monitor the progress of a project with the help of diagrams with colour task indicators: one glance is enough to understand which projects perform poorly and how poorly.

Personal dashboard

Control yourself: list of tasks for today, number of tasks by indicator, productivity — all personal analytics on the main page.

Project dashboard

Control projects: charts, graphs, analytics by date, completion, responsible person etc. for each project.

Team dashboard

Control teams: all project team members on one page with data on involvement with projects and task performance progress.

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Any files, any links

Keep documents, photos, links, files from cloud storages: DropBox, Google Drive, OneDrive.

File size

Attach different files to tasks. Documents, images, video, and others.

Larger file size

Attach 5 to 100Mb files to tasks.

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Attachments limit

Attach files and links to tasks without limits on their number.

Task cover selection

Customize the appearance of your tasks: add an image, save it as a cover, and the task will be shown with that image.

Project library

Display all files and links of all tasks on one screen for convenient work with the documents of the entire project.

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Find projects and tasks by just one word (even in the archive).

Sort, filter, quick search

Work comfortably in any task view: sorting by task parameter, named filters, and quick search.

Hot keys

Quickly create tasks, keep changes etc. with preset key combinations.


Archive completed and outdated projects and recall them from the archive.

Recycle bin

Restore deleted projects and tasks within 30 days.

Email notifications

Get emails with the most important updates and reminders several times a week.

In-app & push notifications

Get notifications on new tasks and project updates in the app.

Web notifications

Get messages on key events in your projects and tasks right in the browser.


Integration with Google Drive

Transfer files from Google Drive: only a link to the file will show up in SAU.

Integration with DropBox

Transfer files from DropBox: only a link to the file will show up in SAU.

Integration with OneDrive

Transfer files from OneDrive: only a link to the file will show up in SAU.

Import from Wunderlist

Import all lists, tasks, users from Wunderlist to SAU: just download the data archive.

Export to JSON

Export all user personal data into one JSON file.

Export to email

Export all project tasks and information about them into one email.

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Export to Excel

Export all project tasks and information about them into one Excel spreadsheet.

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SAU for web

Work in SAU on all popular browsers: on desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

SAU for iOS

Manage projects on an iPhone, iPad, Mac, or Apple Watch. The app is available in the App Store.

SAU for Android

Manage projects on smartphones and tablets operating on Android. The app is available in the Google Play Store.

SAU for Huawei

Manage projects on Huawei devices. The app is available in the AppGallery with full functionality.

Offline work on mobile devices

Work in SAU apps in the offline mode with full functionality.

Support and control


Get help and submit your ideas via the feedback form. Our contact centre works 24/7.

SAU knowledge base

Get detailed info on SAU tools and functions from a step-by-step manual and the FAQ section.

Support in Telegram chat

Join our Telegram channel and send your questions via the chat. We are happy to receive questions and suggestions.

Priority support

Get help and advice via a dedicated email address, a special Telegram chat, or a WhatsApp chat. Get access to educational resources and webinars.

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User administration

Manage users: add, change, adjust access settings. Perform mass operations.

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Logs in tasks

Browse the entire history of parameter changes of each task with dates and authors of each change.

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Change log

Track any change by task and project with filters, sorting, and export.

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