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All you love about notepads, post-it notes, and other trackers — and so much more

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One Click

One Click

For a new task

Add a task with just one click, without complex forms and checks

For a deadline

Set and change deadlines by clicking on a date in the calendar

For an assignment

Assign responsible team members by clicking on a photo

For making task done

Close a task by clicking on the tick

One Glance

One glance at the list of your projects is all you need to understand how it is going: Traffic-light colour coding shows which tasks are on track and which tasks need accelerating.

Tasks get marked with different colours

 Task is done  Active task  Task overdue

Your projects

Colours go up a level: Each project has a chart showing the number of tasks of each colour


Task colours migrate to graphs, widgets, notifications, and emails

One Glance

One Screen

The main page has all the information you need: Productivity chart and completion statistics, tasks for today, and overdue tasks. One page is all you need to see what to do and what course of action to take.

One Screen Create Projects with Templates

Personal dashboard

Your productivity, to-do list for today, number of completed tasks

Team dashboard

All team members on one page with information on involvement in tasks and task completion

Project dashboard

Graphs and diagrams by date, status, responsible person

Create Projects with Templates

Create Projects with Templates

SAU users do all kinds of tasks. The most popular projects of April are «20 movies of 2020», «100 activities for the lockdown», and «A new breakfast every day for a month». Create your own project with one of these or any other templates with just one click!

View All Templates

Work in a Team

To invite a friend or a colleague to your project, just indicate their email address; we will send an invitation ourselves. Do not wait for a confirmation to assign a person for a task

Work in international teams: SAU supports Russian and English

Import data from any cloud storage and export tasks to Excel and email

Create Projects with Templates

Have your Personal Projects

Privacy: Nobody gets access to your projects without your permission

All in one place: Attach documents, photos, links, and files from cloud storage (Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive) to your tasks

Personalization: Arrange projects and tasks as you see fit

Safe and secure

All stored data is encrypted.

User information is hashed.

Protected TLS 1.1-1.2. protocol data transmission.

128-bit or 256-bit browser encryption under the SSL protocol.

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