On the web portal SAU, there are three key interface blocks:
  • Tasks and Analytics Area. This is the main part of the page where your personalized dashboard, project tasks, notifications, etc. are displayed.
  • Projects Sidebar. It's a list of projects that you can always access by clicking on the button.
  • Card. The card contains details and all the data about a project, task, or user profile.
After logging in to the SAU web portal, you will see your personalized dashboard first. It displays all the relevant information about your current tasks, projects, plans, and deadlines. You can learn more about the dashboard's features in the article My Dashboard.

At the top of the screen, you can always find a blue panel for task creation. You only need to enter the task's name there. This panel is available on almost all pages of the SAU web portal for quick and easy task creation. You can find more information about creating tasks in the article Task: Create, Edit, Delete.

In the upper left corner, you can find a button for the Project Sidebar. This button allows you to collapse or expand the list of your projects. It also shows analytics, color coding, and the project type (personal or team). At the bottom of the sidebar, you can find a button for a new project creation. You can learn more about the project list in the article Projects Sidebar.

Also, on the navigation panel (on the left side of the project sidebar), you have access to buttons:
— Go to the personalized dashboard.
— Go to the notifications screen.
— Search across all projects and tasks (currently only available on the web portal).
— Gallery of all public and personal templates.

Each project opens by default in the "ToDo List" view. You can also try the other views like "Table," "Board," and "Dashboard," as well as "Calendar," "Tracker," "Chat," and "Library" for premium subscriptions. Different views allow you to work easily and efficiently with different types of projects or even with the same project at different stages of its lifecycle. Descriptions of these views are available in the articles Planning and Execution.
SAU has some keyboard shortcuts or hotkeys for quick actions with task creation:
CTRL + B: Puts the cursor in the task input field (blue panel).
CTRL + Enter: Creates a task with the specified title.
ALT + 1: Sets today's date as the task's due date. You can use other numbers with ALT to set different due dates (e.g., ALT + 2 for tomorrow, ALT + 7 for a week from now). Dates will be displayed above the task input field on the left.
ALT + U: Displays team members from the project who can be assigned to the task. The assigned team member will be shown to the right of the task input field. Continue to press ALT + U for choosing the right person. Please note that this keyboard shortcut won't work when creating tasks from "My Dashboard."