The Personal Dashboard is the home page, the main screen of the SAU app and the web version of, where you can see the analytics and key information.
The dashboard provides information on the amount of tasks you have planned and completed, a list of tasks for the day, your personal productivity chart and other useful widgets to help you make quicker decisions.
You can quickly add a task to any project using Personal Dashboard on the main screen.
To add a new task, simply write its name on the blue bar and select a project. If you don't have any projects yet, one will be created automatically. Press Add
If it's a personal project, it will be automatically assigned to you. By default, the due date will be set to today.
Done today
A white square with a green border shows the number of tasks completed today.
Which tasks are counted as completed? All the tasks that were assigned to you and were marked as 'Completed' today.
If you click on the "Done today" box you will see a list of such tasks.
My week in tasks
A white square with a blue border that shows the number of all tasks planned for this week.
How is the number of tasks for the week calculated? It's the amount of tasks that were assigned to you and scheduled from Monday of the current week until Sunday. Even if these tasks are already overdue, they are still included here.
If you click on the "My week in tasks" box, a list of such tasks will open.
My productivity
This is a dashboard chart made up of grey and green bars that shows the number of your tasks (tasks that were assigned to you) for each day.
Grey bars show how many tasks you have planned for each day.
Green bars show how many tasks you have completed.
This chart shows the current date and three days before and after today.
If you click on any of the bars, a list of relevant tasks will open.
My tasks for today
A list of tasks that are due today. This list only shows tasks that were assigned to you with the due date set to today. Even completed tasks are displayed in this list, reflecting the progress of your work for the day.
You can view the details of the task by clicking on it.
You can complete a task by ticking it as 'Completed' right from the Dashboard.
Tasks are grouped by project name. By clicking on the name, you can quickly go to the list of all tasks in the project.
Each of the widgets on your Dashboard does more than just show analytics or statistics. It can also show exactly how a particular figure came about and what data it is based on.
If you click on any bar in the chart or on the "Done today" widget, the corresponding task list opens. This is the same full-featured list as the list within a project. Here you can open the details of a task, mark it as 'Completed' or change its due date, see if there are any attachments or checklists and see what project the task belongs to.
You don't have to open a project to work with tasks. You can always use the Dashboard with its ability to quickly get access to your tasks.