The dashboard is a tool for monitoring and analyzing the performance of each team member in your projects. It’s accessible from the main page through the "My Team" widget.
On the dashboard's widgets and in the detailed view, you can see who is working on your projects, control the workload distribution for each team member, keep track of the number of tasks completed and those overdue for each person, easily access detailed lists of specific projects and their associated tasks.
Important! The team dashboard is an exclusive part of the Premium Business subscription. It provides a comprehensive view of your team's productivity and task management.
My Team: A white square with a blue border that displays photos of all the members of your project teams.
The project team member is a person who was added to the team of the project where you are the owner.
Click on the "My Team" square: a detailed dashboard with analytics by each team member will be opened. The analytics are generated only for your shared projects and do not include each team member's personal projects or their participation in other projects (not owned by you).
At the top of the "My Team" dashboard, you'll find information about the current user, including name, email, and a range of analytics:
  • My Projects. This shows the number of projects where the current user is the owner
  • Projects with me. Here, you'll see the count of projects where the user is not the owner but is a team member
  • Tasks which I was assigned. This section lists the number of tasks where the user is the assignee. A small bar chart provides a breakdown of these tasks into categories like done, active, or overdue
  • Tasks which I initiate. It displays the number of tasks initiated by the user. Similar to the above, a small bar chart shows the status of these tasks - whether they're done, active, or overdue
By clicking on the user's photo, you can access detailed information, including a complete list of projects and tasks associated with the current user.