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To create a balance between productivity and mindfulness

Teamwork for better results

Tracker & recurrent tasks

All of your tasks can be in one application now. And recurrent ones too! For example, habits or weekly work reports. The Tracker tool will make it easy to track such tasks day by day.

Task's reminder

Set reminders for important tasks. SAU will warn you about an approaching task before the deadline comes

Calendar tool

Work with tasks on the Calendar. Balance your intensive work on tasks and add tasks for rest. Stay in touch with your daily agenda!

Larger files

Keep all files, links and media about the task in SAU. For premium subscriptions, the size limit for each file is increased to 25-100MB

Get SAU premium, get a tree

It’s just that simple...
We plant one tree for each SAU Premium yearly subscription sold or renewed

With your support, we are able to do more for our planet. Your subscriptions will help in leaving a lasting and positive impact for this generation and the next.

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To build transparent and easy teamwork


Complex task? Many execution steps? Or intermediate results of a task? All these can be put in the task's checklists


Communications in the mail? Or in different messengers? Any task can be discussed in Chats. Chat messages turn into tasks or checklist items with one click.

Team dashboard

Who is doing what and why is nothing done? Now, this is not a problem to find out. Track the work, loading, and execution of tasks by the team members on a special dashboard.

Teamwork for better results
Projects with a team
Team members
Tasks for a team
69 711
Done tasks by a team
48 212

To let projects speak for themselves

Teamwork for better results


Add personality. Color-coding for projects for quick navigation and personalization

Library view

All files, pictures, links and videos of your tasks on one screen - in the project file Library

Custom templates

Do you like our templates? Try yours! You can save any of your projects as a template that will be available to your teams. And if you want to share it with the world, write to us!


Export projects data. As a table of tasks by mail, or all task data to an Excel file, or truly everything about the project to a JSON file

To keep abreast of everything with SAU

To keep abreast of everything with SAU
Synchronization in real-time or offline work. You and your team will always have the latest information about your tasks and projects on any device because SAU works as a website or application on 7+ platforms.
iOS & Android apps iOS & Android apps iOS & Android apps

All premium features in one list


In-task checklist

Break up big tasks into smaller sub-tasks, or set milestones to the task's successful completion.

Task reminders

Do not forget your tasks: reminders will come via an email or text message and appear in the Dashboard.

Recurring tasks

Set recurring task parameters: SAU will remind of it when needed

Color coding for projects

Create your own system of project colour coding and find the required project in seconds.

Custom project templates

Create your own templates based on your own projects: publish them for common use or leave them for your own use only.

Copying of tasks and projects

Copy projects in whole, with teams and settings, or just separate tasks.



Use a calendar — the most visual tool for working with tasks that have dates: planning and organizing meetings, events, to-do items in the format of a monthly schedule.


In the tracker, visualize recurring tasks that are to be fulfilled daily or on a less regular basis.


Communicate in the chat, which allows performing efficient teamwork, communicating inside a task, and turning messages into sub-tasks.


Team dashboard

Control teams: all project team members on one page with data on involvement with projects and task performance progress.


Larger file size

Attach 5 to 100Mb files to tasks.

Project library

Display all files and links of all tasks on one screen for convenient work with the documents of the entire project.


Export to email

Export all project tasks and information about them into one email.

Export to Excel

Export all project tasks and information about them into one Excel spreadsheet.

Support and control

Priority support

Get help and advice via a dedicated email address, a special Telegram chat, or a WhatsApp chat. Get access to educational resources and webinars.

User administration

Manage users: add, change, adjust access settings. Perform mass operations.

Logs in tasks

Browse the entire history of parameter changes of each task with dates and authors of each change.

Change log

Track any change by task and project with filters, sorting, and export.

Premium: FAQ

Yes, you have 14 trial days. If you activate premium on the website (, we won't ask you for any card data for the trial
14 days. You can get it on the website ( or in the App.
Trial will be available on all your devices from your account
You can find a full features table on the Pricing page
Key features of the Premium:
  • Calendar for tasks
  • Chat by tasks
  • Library of attachments
  • Larger files
  • Tracker and recurring tasks
  • Checklists
  • Tasks reminders
  • Mail & Excel export
  • Color-coding for projects
  • Team dashboard
    • ...and others 😜
The Premium Subscription will be automatically boughten after 14 days if it was activated in iOS, macOS, or Android Apps.
If a free premium trial was activated on the website (, you can buy it at any time.
When the trial premium is over, SAU Team will send you a mail about all possible next steps.
The full premium features are available only on the web version of SAU.
The applications will also have all the features very soon
Premium Pro is $2.99 per month and $29.9 per year (2 months for free)
Premium Biz is $5.49 per month and $54.9 per year (2 months for free)
Plus, premium subscriptions can be purchased once and forever!
Yes. If a trial period was activated on the website (, you can buy a full subscription at any time
  • SAU website. Any credit card
  • iOS SAU App. As usual in-app purchases
  • Android SAU App. As usual in-app purchases
  • MacOS app. As usual in-app purchases
  • Huawei App. Currently, in-app payment is not available, but you can order a premium on the website
  • SAU website. Go to your profile, select the tab and click Cancel
  • iOS SAU App. Via Settings > Your Account > Subscriptions
  • Android SAU App. Go to Google Play > Profile > Payments > Subscriptions
  • MacOS SAU App. Settings > Apple Id > Media > Subscriptions > Manage
  • Huawei app. Currently in-app cancellation is not available, but you can do it on the website
Write to us if you need a subscription upgrade or you are ready to try new features before other users

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