The SAU app on the Apple Watch includes the most useful functions for quick task list management.
Tasks for today in SAU on the Apple Watch
The home screen shows a list of tasks for the day grouped by project. Here you can view your plans for the day, mark tasks as completed or reschedule them. Tasks that have already been completed will also be displayed in this list.
Completed tasks in SAU on the Apple Watch
Tap on a task to open its task card and see more details.
Task details in SAU on the Apple Watch
In this card, you can reschedule the task for "Tomorrow" or "In 7 days".
Rescheduling a task in SAU on the Apple Watch
SAU app will also send push notifications to your Watch, unless this function has been disabled in the settings. This way you will always be aware of your tasks and projects.
Notification from SAU on the Apple Watch
All events and task list activities will immediately sync between your iPhone and the Apple Watch.
The SAU app on the Apple Watch will be installed automatically after you install the SAU app on your iPhone and successfully log into your SAU profile.
SAU Apps for iOS
Download SAU App from the App Store. SAU App is available for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Mac.