The SAU App will automatically appear on your Apple Watch when you:
  • install SAU App on your iPhone
  • create and sign in to your personal SAU Profile (manual for iPhone below)
  • open the SAU app on your Apple Watch
To create a SAU account in the App you only need a real email address.
  1. Open the app and click "Sign up with email"
  2. Enter your e-mail
  3. Enter password in "Password" (minimum 6 characters)
  4. Mark your agreement with our legal documents
  5. Click Continue
Welcome to your SAU account!
You can be authorized to SAU only by email. But we are working on integration with social media accounts and mobile services.
To sign in to your SAU App account:
  1. Open the app and tap "Sign in to SAU"
  2. Enter your e-mail and password
  3. Tap Continue
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