PDPA (Personal Data Protection Act) is a law regulating personal data collection, storage, processing and use. It is enforced in Singapore since 2012 and is used in many South Asian countries since 2021. The SAU.app web portal and SAU applications are fully PDPA-compliant.
Your personal data (name and email) is stored on the SAU servers. Its processing is fully compliant with the requirements of the PDPA:
  • Notification of use and consent: during registration, acknowledgement of reading the SAU security policy is required.
  • Restricted use and transmission: the data is only used for the purposes of using SAU and is only transmitted to third parties (Stripe, Apple, Google) in order to pay for the subscription.
  • Accuracy: data is stored exactly as provided by the user and cannot be modified by SAU in any other way.
  • Modifiable: you can personally make changes to your data via the web portal or through the app profile.
  • Security: data is stored in secure databases.
  • Restricted retention: all personal data, projects, tasks, etc. can be deleted at the user's request.
  • Transparency: any questions about the protection of personal data are dealt with by a dedicated Data Protection Officer.