User profile contains your data and personal settings like your name, email address, profile picture, notification settings etc.
"My Profile" contains user data, account settings, notification parameters, and personal features.
  • Name of the User
  • Email and account (not editable)
  • User Photo
  • Language of receiving letters
  • First day of the week
  • Time zone (determined automatically)
  • Ability to receive emails
  • ... and subscribe to each letter separately
  • Ability to receive notifications
  • ... and subscribe to each notification separately
  • Change password
  • Export all data to JSON
  • Manage premium subscriptions
You can change your name and photo directly in the My Profile on the web portal
  1. Open the project sidebar and click on your photo (image)
  2. Select "Profile" in SAU web-version
  3. By default, your "Name" is your email, but you can change it to any name. It will be shown in tasks and projects
  4. Click on the photo
  5. Choose new photo or picture
  6. Position the photo and its scale so that the desired image fits completely into the area
  7. In the website click , to set a photo to Profile. Or click to keep previous
  8. Then tap "Save"
Email and account, cannot be changed in SAU. If you would like to make changes to this data, please contact support
The time zone is determined automatically from the device data. It affects the calculation of indicators, analytics and mailing. You can view the current time zone in the User Profile on the SAU web-version.
  1. Open the project sidebar and click on your photo (image)
  2. Select "Profile"
  3. Click the tab
  4. Your zone will be in the "Time zone" field
  5. If the data is not correct, please check your device settings
By default, the first day of the week is Monday. But you can easily choose another day (Saturday or Sunday).
  1. Open the project sidebar and tap on your photo (image)
  2. Select "Profile" in SAU web-version
  3. Go to the tab
  4. Select Monday, Sunday, or Saturday as a "First Day of Week"
  5. Click Save
What will this affect? The calendar will start from chosen day and we won't send you emails on weekends (we do not want to disturb you)
SAU provides different types of notifications to keep you informed of your tasks and projects at all times. But any notifications can be turned off or set up to receive only what you need.
SAU aims to help you maintain a balance of productivity and peace of mind.
You can find out more about email notifications, their contents and schedule in the article Emails, messages and push notifications. There you can also find about push notification messages.
Email notifications
SAU sends you a digest of your most important tasks to the email address provided during registration. If you want to change the email address to receive notifications, please contact support.
Some emails are sent daily (if there are applicable tasks) and some are sent once a week (e.g. Weekly dashboard). The emails contain lists of tasks for specific topics.
You can choose the language of SAU emails. By default, SAU put the language of your browser, but it can be changed.
  1. Open the project sidebar and click on your photo (image)
  2. Select "Profile"
  3. Click the tab
  4. The current language is displayed in the "Mail content language" field
  5. Now you can choose Russian or English
  6. Select mails that you want to receive
  7. Click "Save" after editing
By default, users receive all types of notifications. In your profile on, you can check the settings for push notifications selected on each of your devices. You can unsubscribe from notifications in the Settings menu of a specific device (phone, tablet, etc).
You can manage your premium subscription from the user profile. Here you can also try other types of subscriptions.
  1. Open the projects panel and click on your profile picture
  2. Click the «Profile»
  3. Go to the the tab and check your data
If you already have a subscription, you can view its description and details here. You can also cancel the subscription by clicking the Cancel button. After cancellation, the subscription will remain active until its expiration date, and it won't be automatically renewed afterward.
If you don't have a subscription, you can explore descriptions and details of all available subscription types here. You can also sign up for a 2-week free trial period.
The free version of SAU includes many productivity tools that enable you to work more efficiently, keep track of your tasks and achieve your goals. These tools include lists, task boards, notifications, indicators, dashboards and more. Premium subscriptions provide access to more features and tools for organizing tasks, projects and your life in general.
There are two types of premium subscriptions available in SAU: Pro and Business.
Pro can be activated in-app or on the web portal. There are options to subscribe for a month, a year or indefinitely. It includes additional personal productivity tools like calendar view, trackers, checklists and more.
Business can be activated in-app or on the web portal. There are options to subscribe for a month, a year or indefinitely. The price depends on the number of subscribers. It includes productivity tools that are oriented on teamwork, like chats, dashboards, export options, efficient user and project management tools and more.
🌲 When you subscribe to any of the premium plans for a year, you get a whole tree planted in your name in Altai region. By doing this, we help fight climate change and reduce our overall carbon footprint together.
You can change the password in the "My Profile".
  1. Open the project sidebar and click on your photo (image)
  2. Select "Profile"
  3. Go to tab and click "Change password"
  4. In the opened window, specify the current password, as well as enter a new one twice. Password must be 6 characters or more
  5. Click Continue. The password will be changed to sign in on all devices.
You can download all your data from SAU as a single JSON file. This will include all your personal data and settings from the Profile, all personal and team projects, all statuses, and all tasks from your projects. Details of the premium subscription, logs, links to files, and all parameters of projects and tasks will also be included in this file.
  1. Open the project sidebar and click on your photo (image)
  2. Select "Profile"
  3. Go to the tab and click "Export to JSON"
  4. The new browser window will be open with the entire text of the JSON file. But it can take a few seconds (depending on the amount of your data)
To sign out from your account on the website will take 2 steps.
  1. Open the project sidebar and click on your photo (image)
  2. Click Logout
All your data will safely and securely remain on the server.