All SAU applications have 3 key interface elements:
  • Task and analytics area - the main part of the screen where you can find your personal dashboard, project tasks, notifications, etc.
  • Projects panel — a list of your projects that can always be accessed by clicking
  • Card — all details and parameters of a project, task, or user profile
You will see your personal dashboard once you have successfully logged into the SAU application. All the relevant information on current tasks, projects, and deadlines is displayed here. You can learn more about the dashboard's functionality in the My Dashboard article.

At the bottom of the screen there is a blue panel for creating a task. All you have to do is enter the name of the task here. This panel is available on almost all screens of the SAU application so that the task can always be added quickly and easily. You can learn more about creating tasks in the Task: create, modify and delete article.

A button in the upper left corner displays the list of all projects and the navigation bar. There you can see every project available to you. The sidebar also provides a quick glance at project analytics, color coding and type (personal or team). At the bottom of the sidebar there is a button to create a new project. Read more about the sidebar in the Projects Sidebar article.

There, you can also see the navigation buttons:
 — go to your personal dashboard
 — go to the SAU notification screen
 — search through all projects and tasks
 — open the gallery of all public and personal templates

By default, every project opens in the ToDo List view. Table, Task board, and Dashboard views are also available. Premium subscribers also get access to the Calendar, Tracker, Chat, and Library views. These different views allow you to work with various types of projects or even on the same project at different stages of its lifecycle conveniently and efficiently. To learn more about different project views, read the Planning and Execution sections.