Archiving is meant for those projects that have already ended or have lost relevance, but their data — tasks, files, checklists — can still be useful.
Archived project will not be displayed in the projects panel, it's not considered in dashboards and analytics, and no notifications are sent about its tasks. But you can always open, view and restore an archived project.
Archiving and unarchiving can only be done by the project owner. The team can view the list of archived projects and the archive project itself.

Deleting is meant for projects that are unneccessary or were created by mistake. Only the owner can delete a project.
After deletion, the project owner can restore the project with all tasks, team, attachments, etc. within 30 days.

The archive is only available on the web portal from the Archive menu or through the link.
Deleted projects are only available on the web portal from the Trash menu or through the link.
You can delete projects in the app.
Important: Only project owners can delete projects.
To delete a project:
  1. Open the projects panel and pick a project
  2. In the project, click in the upper right corner
  3. Select About the project. The project card will open
  4. Tap "Delete project" at the bottom of the screen
  5. Press "Save" after you're done making changes
A deleted project can be restored within 30 days via the web portal.
A task can be deleted via the task card or by simply swiping to the left in the task list or table.
Important: Only the project owner, the author of the task or the performer can delete a task.

To delete a task:
  1. Open the Projects panel and select a project
  2. Find the task you want to delete and swipe it to the left. The deletion button will appear
  1. Tap on the task name
  2. Scroll the screen down to the bottom and tap the 'Delete task' button
A deleted task cannot be recovered. But if it was a very important task, please contact our support, we will definitely try to help you.
To delete your account, delete or reassign all your projects and tasks (including archived ones), empty the trash bin, and write to tech support that you want to delete the account.
But first, you can download all your data as a JSON file .