You can temporarily reorder tasks inside your project by using the 'Sort' button in almost all views. This allows you to quickly arrange tasks in order based on certain criteria. Available sorting options include:
  • By status (done, overdue, in progress)
  • By task name
  • By due date
  • By assignee
  • By the number of attached files and links
After you apply a sort, you won't be able to move tasks around in the list. To change the order, select the 'By default' sort option.
  1. Open the project panel and select a project
  2. Open the project and click Order placed in the right corner under the task creation panel
  3. In the dropdown menu, select a sorting parameter: tasks will be sorted in descending order based on that parameter
  4. Click on the parameter in the dropdown menu again to arrange the tasks in reverse - ascending - order
If done tasks are hidden in the project, they will also be hidden when sorting. Show them if necessary (using the button at the end of the task list) and repeat the sorting.