You can filter the project's tasks by status, due date, and assignee. Filters inside the view allow you to work with only the tasks you need. We have kept the most popular filters:
  • All — shows all tasks in the project
  • Active (only grey tasks remain — tasks without a date or with a due date today or later)
  • Done (only green tasks remain — all tasks with a checkmark)
  • Overdue (only red tasks remain — all uncompleted tasks past their due date)
  • Without Deadline
  • Today (all tasks due today)
  • Next 7 Days (all tasks due within the next 7 days)
  • My Tasks (tasks where you are the assignee)
  • Not My Tasks (tasks with no assignee or an assignee who is not you)
After applying a filter, you cannot move tasks in the list. To change the order, select the 'All' filter.
  1. Open the project panel and select a project
  2. Open the project and click Filter placed on the right under the task creation panel
  3. Choose one filter from the dropdown menu to leave only appropriate tasks
  4. To cancel the filtration, click 'By default'
If done tasks are hidden, they won't appear in the filter results. To enable search through the done tasks, make them visible using the appropriate button at the end of the task list.