Task list is probably the most popular tool for managing tasks. It is simple and effective. Almost any kind of goal or project can be managed and tracked using just a simple task list. Here are some popular ways of approaching tasks:
  • The "1-2-3" method: you schedule 6 tasks from your list for the day, and tag or color-code the one that is important, two that are urgent, and three that are routine.
  • The "Pomodoro" method: you choose one task from the list, open its card, set a timer and start working on it. If you get distracted, just look at the task's card to remind yourself about it.
  • The time-block method: always put all your tasks on the list, even the mundane ones like "Lunch" or "Reading". This way you always know what you are doing with your time.
Your task list can be endless — just write down all the tasks that come up as you go along and schedule them for your free time. But the list can also be limited — say, to one project (e.g. tasks to create and set up a blog) or by time (e.g. planning a trip: the tasks will end when the trip ends). You can get your friends, family and colleagues involved — teamwork is always more productive than working alone. It is up to you to decide how detailed the tasks will be. Some people prefer to create a task list for the next 3 hours of work, while others keep all their goals and dreams on the list. Both methods are quite effective!
It is never a bad idea to start any of your projects with a task list.