By default, 3 columns are created in each SAU project: 'New', 'Urgent', and 'Important'. For most new projects, these are the most necessary and convenient categories. Columns can be deleted, renamed, rearranged, and new ones created. There must always be at least one column in the project. New columns will always appear at the end of the board.
You can change the position of a column using the 'Move Left' and 'Move Right' arrows, which are available in the menu next to the column name. You can also do this through the column card by selecting a new sequence number in the 'Order' field.
  1. Open the project panel and select the project
  2. Select 'Board' under the project name
  3. Click located in the header of the column and choose either ' Move left' / 'Move right ' or 'Edit'
  4. Select the new position
  5. Click 'Save'
In the 'Board' view, each status is shown as a separate column, and tasks with that status are placed in the corresponding column. It's like having a mini-list for each status. You can move tasks around in these columns to change their order and also do other things with the tasks.