Any of your planned activities can become a task in SAU - from 'Buying bread' to 'Going on holiday to Spain'. Anything you want to do, even the most unexpected thoughts, should be written down in SAU right away. You can then turn any such idea into a specific task or even an exciting project.
Ideally, the task should be:
  • small, so that it can be completed in a few hours;
  • specific, so it's clear what needs to be done;
  • realistic, so that it can be accomplished.
Well formulated tasks:
👍 Buy a baguette for dinner
👍 Book tickets to Spain for early June
👍 Read 30 pages of the contract
👍 Run 5km in the park
Poorly formulated tasks:
👎 Lose 5kg
It's a great goal, but it will take about a month to complete. That's too long. Better to make it into a project and break it down into 30 small tasks for each day and also add a couple of recurring tasks, like healthy habits.
👎 Meeting
Chances are, within 10 minutes of adding this task you will struggle to remember what the meeting is, when, with whom and about what. Add a little specificity - for example, 'Meeting with Jessie about a book deal' - and it will be much better!
👎 Write 100 pages of a book before midnight
It's either an unrealistic deadline, or unrealistic scope. Such a task would be very difficult to take on.
As you can see, it's nothing difficult. If you keep logging all your to-do's in SAU for 2-3 days, you will see exactly how best to formulate your tasks.
To create a task in a project:
  1. Open the project: select it on the project panel
  2. Type the task name at the top of the page on the blue panel
  3. Click Add
If it's your personal project, you'll be automatically set as the task assignee. By default, the task's deadline is set to today's date.
If the task is created in the "Tracker" view, it becomes daily recurrent by default.
If the task is created in the "Board" view, you'll need to choose a column where the task will be placed when creating it.
You can quickly add a task to any project using Personal Dashboard on the main screen.
To add a new task, simply write its name on the blue bar and tap Add. The task will be created inside the first project (but you can choose any other). If you don't have any projects yet, one will be created automatically.
If it's a personal project, it will be automatically assigned to you. By default, the due date will be set to today.