Premium Pro and Business subscriptions can be cancelled when:
  • the user cancels the subscription on the web portal or in the app
  • a paid subscription period has expired but you haven't paid for the next one
You can cancel a subscription at any time. You will need to do it the same way you subscribed. When the paid subscription period ends, only the free SAU features will remain available.
  1. Open the project sidebar and click on your photo (image)
  2. Select "Profile"
  3. Go to tab and click "Cancel subscription". The same cancelletion can be done on the Subscriptions page.
SAU app for Mac / iOS
Subscriptions via the App Store are renewed automatically. You can cancel your subscription in the "Subscriptions" section of your Apple ID.

SAU app for Android
Subscriptions via Google Play are renewed automatically. You can cancel your subscription in your Google Play account.

SAU app for Huawei
Subscribing through the Huawei AppGallery is not supported yet.
If your subscription expires, the premium features will no longer be available, but your data will not disappear:
  • Projects, tasks, checklists and teams will remain available. No data is deleted when your subscription ends
  • All your files will remain available regardless of their size, but newly uploaded files cannot exceed 5 Mb
  • Recurring tasks will remain and be available for execution on your personal dashboard or in the task list
  • Checklists will remain, but will only be available for viewing. It will not be possible to delete, edit or mark a checklist item as completed
  • Labels and colour-coding of projects will remain, but it will not be possible to change their colour
  • Created private templates will still be available for creating new projects, but you will not be able to change existing templates or create new ones
  • Calendar, Tracker, Library, Chat views, as well as project copying and exporting functions and Team Dashboard, Business User Administration and Reports pages will become unavailable