The most important actions you can perform with your tasks in SAU are available on a separate page on the web portal and on a separate screen in the app. Notifications about these actions can be sent to your phone or through your browser. Almost all such messages are sent as soon as the action occurs (e.g. creation of a task). Only one type of notification is sent daily at 10am — the number of tasks for today.
If an action (e.g. changing the task's due date) is done by you, you won't get a message about it since you already know about it. We don't want to spam you 😉
  • My tasks for today
    Number of tasks which are due today and are assigned to you.
  • New task
    Name of the task that was added to your project.
  • You are added to a new project
    Name of the project to which you have been added.
  • You are assigned to a task
    Name of the task to which you have been assigned.
  • Task due date has been rescheduled
    The name of the task, its old and new due date. You will be notified if you are the performer or author of this task.
  • Task completion
    The name of a completed task. You will be notified if you were assigned to this task or are the author of this task.
  • Withdrawal from task
    The name of the task you were assigned to before, but now someone else has been assigned to it instead.
The list of notifications on the web portal and in the app can be viewed using the button in the vertical grey bar on the left (the bar can be displayed by pressing the button). This will display all unread notifications as well as read notifications from the past week. Clicking on the notification will open the task or project screen, and the notification itself will be marked as read.