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Any task is achievable, goals attainable, and dreams come true.
You just have to plan everything right!

Manage Any Tasks or Projects

Manage Any Tasks or Projects

Work, travel, fitness, exams — SAU will help achieve any goal

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Work in a Team

Work in a Team

Add colleagues, relatives, or friends to projects. Assign people via email address, communicate via comments and chat

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Plan, Visualize, Control

Plan, Visualize, Control

To-do lists, calendars, trackers, tables, boards, dashboards, the colour coding — with these and many other tools you’ll be able to put your stuff in order and perform all tasks on time

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Be with SAU, be Green

Be with SAU, be Green

Be confident, your projects and tasks are eco-friendly. We use wind and sun energy.
And we plant a new tree with every Premium yearly subscription

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SAU helps to stay healthy

SAU helps to stay healthy

For me, as for any person working from home, the main professional risk is physical inactivity. So, to keep in good shape, I looked up the WHO’s recommendations on physical activity, planned different types of workouts for each day of the week in SAU, and set up reminders. If I skip a day, I see anyway how many minutes I still got to work out that week. Convenient!
Alexey Boronenko, editor, translator, researcher

SAU helps to work

SAU helps to work

I manage all my work projects in SAU. I begin by planning big tasks in a simple to-do list. Then I invite colleagues to the project, and they help make tasks more detailed and clear. I monitor the project on the board and keep track of its progress on the dashboard. Everything is visual, lucid, and easy to understand.
Dima Ivaschenko, blockchain team lead, PhD student

SAU helps to plan vacations

SAU helps to plan vacations

I always dreamed of visiting Nepal, climbing Elbrus, and going to Kamchatka. But for a long time, I thought it was impossible. Thanks to SAU I managed to divide each of these enormous projects into a number of attainable tasks. And my dreams came true!
Diana Dvoryadkina, yoga instructor, photographer, traveler

SAU expands the boundaries of the possible

SAU expands the boundaries of the possible

In SAU, I plan my studies: I keep my calendar of classes and course papers, collect “impression boards”, and arrange my portfolio. Thanks to SAU, I was able to organize myself in such a way that I not just successfully completed several courses, but also received my first commissions!
Anna Elsakova, freelance artist

How It Works

1 Start working

Sign up via the website or an app without any emails or text messages.

iOS & Android apps iOS & Android apps iOS & Android apps

2 Create a project

«Make a Marketing Plan», «Go on a vacation», «Run a marathon»: Any business, personal, or sports goal is your project.

3 Set tasks

Add a task, set a deadline, and assign a team member — all with just one click. Distribute tasks over time in the calendar.

4 Keep track

Dashboards with detailed analytics help monitor progress. Productivity graphs, unintrusive notifications, and task status colour coding help stick to deadlines.

SAU Works Everywhere SAU Works Everywhere
Work Offline

Work Offline

SAU apps for iOS and Android are also fully operational in an offline mode. When the Internet connection resumes — seamless data exchange with the server.

On the subway

On a plane

Out of town

Superpowers from SAU

Keep any tasks to SAU

Grocery lists or workout schedules, morning habits or website design - any task, any project can be done in SAU. Create a suitable project or list - even if it is 'Just tasks' - and write down everything that comes to mind there!
There are 7 different views to make it convenient and easy for you to manage tasks.

All tasks are now under control

Can't keep up with everything on time? In SAU, you will find not only deadlines but also task reminder dates. Notifications and dashboards with upcoming tasks. Letters with plans for the day.

Not sure how to start? Start with templates!

Have you decided to organize a mastermind? Or are you thinking of starting your own YouTube channel and don't know how to record your first video? Or ... We have prepared many task lists for all tastes. Just click "Create from template", and there, you have a ready-made action plan. Let's go!

A dream with a plan is already a goal

Try to make a project for each of your goals.
Writing down an idea, finding an old task, completing a plan for the day - the result is built step by step. Plan your projects on a calendar to move towards your goals every day.

How much you've accomplished so far is your motivation

If all of your tasks, even the smallest ones, are included in SAU, you can always see how much you have done, how far you have come. Dashboards, indicators and emails will keep you motivated and inspired.

The power of small steps every day

Whether it is daily morning yoga or a weekly report on Tuesdays, whatever! This can all be done in SAU. Recurrent tasks and a tracker will allow you to develop good habits, fight bad ones and achieve your goals step by step.

Work as a team and get results faster

“Teamwork is 15% more effective than working individually” - everyone knows this, and SAU knows it too. Therefore, teamwork is supported in all projects and tasks. Try chat for quick communication and a team dashboard for monitoring work. Share your tasks and assign performers.

Keep calm and mark tasks as done

The SAU Team knows how important mental health is, so all deadlines, reminders, notifications are completely optional. You can manage your tasks in a suitable way and mode. SAU apps help you to stay calm and non-anxious about tasks. Just write down the tasks and come back to them when you're ready.

See progress and accomplishments, not failures

The productivity chart, number of done tasks for today, indicators for every project and task - everything to show that you are doing great! And achievements and rewards will help you keep moving towards achieving your goals.

Start leading your tasks in SAU, and a superpower will awaken inside of you

A few easy steps to get started: 01sign up   02first project   03first tasks   04the first project from a template   05first completed the task   06first plan for tomorrow  
It can really make your life easier, clearer, and more positive.

About the real projects in SAU

I want to run my first marathon. All workouts are in SAU. It is easy for me to look at them in the Calendar, read the details in the Table, and receive reminders along with other tasks in the plan for the day
Everest 🏔️
It was a private tasks list with all climbing preparation things. I managed everything through that list – from workouts to spoon that I had taken with me
"Watercolor" Painting course
I joined a watercolor painting course, and immediately put all the lectures and practices into the calendar in SAU. Daily reminders disciplined me to stay within deadlines
Yep! SAU is planning in SAU. Design, Web dev, App dev, Ideas, Error, SMM are the common projects for SAU Team. It’s really easy!
Bug List
I use SAU for working with a Bug List. Users of my application send tasks to SAU into my project. And I work with them through ToDo List or Board view
Workout Plan
I put all my workouts into one SAU project. My progress is on the dashboard, my morning routine is in the tracker… all these motivate me so much!
SMM Course
I want to start my own SMM online course. I chose SAU to manage all my ideas and thoughts about lectures. My team is on that project too. They see everything and prepare all the materials by my tasks
Ecology Blog
My project in SAU is the content plan for my Eco Blog. Tasks are my ideas for the next posts. Then I attach some links & images, write some descriptions, create a checklist. Now I always have what to write about!
I made a project for the apartment moving process. All tasks were in that project - from finding an apartment to keeping track of boxes. And everything went great!
Grocery List
My biggest project is Grocery List. All my family is a team of that project. If I don't buy something and don't mark that task as done, my family see it and buy it

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