Ready-made templates for various projects are available in SAU. There are templates for every occasion: for life, for work, even for the soul. Every project comes with tasks, all the useful links have been attached to them and sometimes there are even deadlines. Just pick a project that suits you and get to work! A full gallery of templates with descriptions and previews of the tasks is available on the website in the " templates" section, in the "Templates" section on the web portal, and on the app by tapping the button on the sidebar.
To create a project from a template:
  1. Open the project panel
  2. Tap the button
  3. Find the appropriate project and tap "Use Template" or "Create a project from this template"
In a few seconds the new project will be created and opened automatically. This is now your project. You can add and delete tasks, change titles and due dates and invite friends to the project team.
In addition to the templates prepared by the SAU team (in the "Templates" section and in the app by tapping on ), you can also create your own templates.
You can make personal templates out of any successful projects that you would like to repeat in the future or that you want to share with your friends and colleagues. Some examples may include planning of a picnic or a children's birthday party, a project with development steps and approval tasks for a website design, or a checklist for race preparation.
These templates are created as a copy of your project with tasks, attachments, checklists, team etc. The template will be available to the entire project team.
Creation of personal templates is available for users with a Premium Business subscription.
Creating a personal template is available in the project card. Note that only the owner of the project can create a template. All data included in the project, like tasks, attachments, checklists, dates, team, assignments, colours, etc., will become part of the template. To save the project as a template, follow these steps:
  1. In the project, click in the top right corner
  2. In the menu that opens, select About the project
  3. Scroll down and find the button Make a template from this project. If the button isn't available, it's likely that you are not the owner of the project
  4. Make sure you are ready for all the project data, like tasks, assignments, checklists, descriptions, files, links, etc., to become part of the template
  5. Tap Yes
If a color has been selected for the project, the personal template will be assigned that color, too. The project name will become the name of the template, and the description will become the template description.
Private templates are available in the same app section as the general templates, but in a separate tab. To switch between public and private template tabs, simply tap one of the tabs in the header of the "Templates" menu.
The name and the description of the template were copied from the initial project, and the background picture-preview was the same colour as the original project.

To view your private templates and create a project from them:
  1. Open the Projects panel
  2. Tap the button on the gray background to the left
  3. Switch to Private templates
    If you don't have any templates created yet, the "Personal Templates" page will be blank
  4. View the available templates
  5. Pick the desired template and tap "Use template"
Management of personal templates (project and task editing, deletion, etc.) is not yet available from the SAU apps and is only possible via the web portal.