Each task in SAU has a specific indicator that allows you to quickly see the status of the task. The indicators take into account the deadline and the completion of the task. If the deadline for a task is today, the task is not considered overdue. If a future task is completed, it will be highlighted in green and will be considered completed. All indicators are updated on the fly and always show the actual information.
the task is marked as completed.
the task is marked as completed, but the deadline has not yet arrived.
the task is overdue: the due date has arrived, but the task is still not marked as completed.
Tasks that are displayed as red blocks on dashboards or highlighted in red in other views require attention and completion.
In every view, the field for selecting the task's due date and the task's checkbox are highlighted in a certain color: grey, red or green. This color corresponds to the task indicators and shows its current status. Of course, you should pay attention to all tasks marked in red, because they have not been completed on time.
To the right of the project title there is an icon surrounded by a colored chart. It represents the status of the project's tasks:
completed tasks
tasks without a due date or scheduled for the future
overdue tasks
for more information on how task indicators are calculated, see "Indicators".
The larger the red bar in the chart, the more there are overdue tasks in the project, which means that this project requires more attention.