The SAU referral program is an opportunity to get a Pro Premium subscription for up to 1 year free of charge! The more friends and colleagues you invite to your projects, the longer your Pro Premium subscription lasts!
For every three users you invite, you get a one month subscription for free. If you are already subscribed to a Pro Premium plan, you can pass on your referral months to your friends — just let us know.
So, to get 1 month of the Pro Premium subscription for free:
  • Invite three new users to the project (they will receive an invitation email)
  • Wait for them to join the project (you will receive an email about this)
Congratulations, you now have one month of Pro Premium on us. The subscription will automatically activate on your account.
The referral program offers up to 12 months of free Pro Premium subscription, which means you need to invite 36 new users and wait for them to join SAU via the app or web portal. If you want to see who you have invited, when and to which project, and whether the person has logged into SAU through your invitation, you can do so in your profile on the web portal:
  1. Log into the web portal
  2. Open the Projects panel and click on your photo (image)
  3. Select 'Profile'
  4. Select the tab. The table shows all invited users and their invitation status
When a new user accepts your invitation and logs into SAU, you will receive an email about it.