Statistically, working on tasks together almost doubles the chances of successfully completing them on time. That is why SAU allows you to create a project team: a group of like-minded people who will work on tasks together with you. Your team members will have access to the project and may be assigned to perform tasks.
A project in SAU can be personal or team-based.

In a personal project, there is only one participant — you. No one but you can see the project, make changes to it, or receive email and push notifications about it. In a personal project, you will be the assignee for all new tasks by default.
Personal projects are displayed in the Projects panel with this icon

A team project has at least two participants. A project always has an owner who can delete and archive it, delete any task, or change the project owner. Other people in the team can create tasks, make changes to them, modify the project and even invite new participants. But they can only delete tasks that they themselves have created.
The team project is only accessible to the project owner and the team. No one else will have access to it.
Team projects are displayed in the Projects panel with this icon
Team members can:
  • make changes to project details, including adding new members to the team
  • add new tasks
  • delete tasks created by them
  • change task details on both their own tasks and those created by others within the project
  • designate an assignee, set a due date, mark the completion, attach files
Team members cannot:
  • delete the project
  • archive the project
  • change the project owner
  • delete someone else's task
  • move a task to another project
Team projects are displayed in the Projects panel with this icon
A new project is always created as personal by default. Adding people to the team makes it a team project. To make a team project personal again, you have to exclude all participants from the team and keep only yourself.
See the article "Project team" for exactly how to create a team, invite participants, exclude participants and even leave the project yourself.