The free version of SAU includes many productivity tools that enable you to work more efficiently, keep track of your tasks and achieve your goals. These tools include lists, task boards, notifications, indicators, dashboards and more. Premium subscriptions provide access to more features and tools for organizing tasks, projects and your life in general.
There are two types of premium subscriptions available in SAU: Pro and Business.
Pro can be activated in-app or on the web portal. There are options to subscribe for a month, a year or indefinitely. It includes additional personal productivity tools like calendar view, trackers, checklists and more.
Business can be activated in-app or on the web portal. There are options to subscribe for a month, a year or indefinitely. The price depends on the number of subscribers. It includes productivity tools that are oriented on teamwork, like chats, dashboards, export options, efficient user and project management tools and more.
🌲 When you subscribe to any of the premium plans for a year, you get a whole tree planted in your name in Altai region. By doing this, we help fight climate change and reduce our overall carbon footprint together.
Pro subscription is suitable for those who value personal productivity and want to achieve more in less time and with less stress. The Pro Premium subscription has many useful tools for this purpose, for example:
  • Recurring tasks and 'Tracker' view
  • Increased file size limit
  • Project 'Library' view
  • Project 'Calendar' view
  • Task reminders on chosen date
  • ...and more
Business subscription is suitable for work groups, teams and organizations where work requires project management. The Business Premium subscription includes tools to improve communication and transparency of work, for example:
  • Project chat with the team
  • Team Dashboard
  • Shared Dashboard for all projects
  • Project tasks export
  • Custom project templates
  • ...and much more, including everything that comes with the Pro subscription
There is no limit on the number of tasks, projects, team members or checklists in any of the SAU subscription types. You can create as many tasks as you require.
The only limit is the file size:
  • No subscription. Maximum file size: 5 Mb.
  • Pro Premium. Maximum file size: 25 Mb.
  • Business Premium. Maximum file size: 100 Mb.
  • Enterprise cloud SAU. Set your own file size limit!
Enterprise cloud SAU is suitable for companies that require maximum privacy, security and customization. This version of SAU is hosted on a separate domain and can have a personalized design, customizable pages and widgets, and additional views. Companies using Enterprise cloud SAU are granted top administration rights for the web portal. If you would like to try out Enterprise cloud SAU, please contact us!