If you are trying to access your SAU account via a web portal or app but something isn't working, try these steps:
  1. Check that your device is connected to the network and has internet access*
  2. Ensure you are typing the correct e-mail address
  3. Ensure you enter your password using the correct input language on your keyboard
  4. Make sure Caps Lock is not activated
  5. Click on the icon on the right side of the password field to reveal the symbols you are typing
  6. Try to recover your password by clicking "I forgot my password". You will receive an e-mail to change your password to a new one
  7. If the email did not arrive, check your spam folder
If all else fails, it is possible you made a typo in your email address when you registered. Contact our support, we will help you!
* SAU does not restrict access based on your location. However, Apple, Google and other companies may restrict access from their end. If this is the case, you may need a VPN connection to access SAU.
If you are having problems with receiving emails and notifications from SAU, try following these steps:
  1. Go to your profile and check that your e-mail address is correct. If there are typos, we can easily fix that. Please write to our support team
  2. Make sure you agreed to receive email notifications in your Profile settings
  3. If your e-mail address is correct, but you still don't receive emails, check your spam folder. The e-mails may be there. To avoid SAU emails going to spam, please add info@sau.app to the approved senders in your mailbox
  4. Another possible problem is that SAU has nothing to write to you 😥 Make sure you have at least one project, that it has tasks, that you are the assignee for these tasks, and that the tasks have deadlines
  5. There have been situations where emails come in but the text in them is unreadable (the coding is off). If this is the case, contact us and we will quickly fix it
  6. If you receive e-mails at a weird time, there can be an error in determining your time zone. This can also be solved by contacting our support team.
If you still have questions or problems with receiving our emails, don't hesitate to contact us.
Push notifications are available on Apple and Android devices (except Huawei) if you have the SAU app installed and are logged in. Notifications about the number of tasks for the day should arrive in the morning. You will also receive notifications of new tasks and reminders if you have activated them in the task card. If the notifications don't appear, try checking the following:
  1. Open the Settings app on your device, go to Notifications, find the SAU app in the list and check that you have allowed it to send notifications
  2. Open the SAU app. Go to your profile and make sure you have ticked the checkboxes which allow you to receive specific notifications
  3. Check that you have tasks you can be notified about. Open any task where you are the assignee, set today as the due date and set the reminder to go off in a couple of minutes. If you get a notification at that time, everything is working as it should
  4. If push notifications arrive at a strange time, there is an error in your time zone. Please contact us, we will help
If you still have questions or problems with receiving notifications, be sure to contact our support team.
SAU applications are constantly synchronizing data with the server so that the information on all devices is up-to-date. However, there are times when synchronization errors may occur:
  1. If you see a black bar at the bottom of the app notifying about an error, check your network status
  2. If there is no internet connection you can still continue to work with the app, most of the functions will be available to you. As soon as there is a connection, the app will synchronize all the data with the server
  3. To force your app to load the data from the server, simply log out of your profile and log in again. During the sign-in process, the app will redownload all the information from the server
Our support team will help you with any synchronization issues.
If you want to merge your accounts, the easiest and fastest way is to transfer all projects from one account to another. Let's say you have accounts A and B. You want to keep only the account B. First, add Account A to all the account B's project teams. Second, reassign all tasks from Account A to Account B. Third, contact our support that you want to delete your account A.
  1. If Account A is the project owner, add account B to every project's, then make account B the owner of these projects, and remove account A from the team
  2. If account A is a member of project teams, add account B to all of those teams, reassign tasks from account A to B, and remove account A from the team
  3. Check that there are no projects left in account A (don't forget about the archive!)
You can split your projects into different accounts. First, register your new accounts.
If you want to transfer an entire project:
  1. Add the new account to this project's team
  2. Make the new account the project owner
  3. Reassign all your tasks to a new account (even the completed ones)
  4. Remove your current account from the project's team
If you only want to transfer project tasks:
  1. Add the new account to this project's team
  2. Reassign all your tasks to the new account (even completed ones)
  3. Remove your current account from the project's team

  4. Don't forget about your archived projects.
To delete your account, you need to delete or reassign all your projects and tasks (including archived ones), empty the trash bin, and then notify our tech support that you want to delete your account.
But first, you may want to download all your data as a JSON file.