On the left-hand side of the projects panel there is a list of all your personal and team projects. You can open or collapse this list of projects by clicking on the button.
Names of the projects are displayed in one line if possible. To the left of the name you can see the icon representing the type of the project and its color (if it has a color assigned to it). On the right side there is a task status icon. It displays the total number of tasks in the project.
By default, all new projects are added to the top of your project list. If you are invited to a new project, it will also be at the top of your project list. You will never miss out on new projects.
You can arrange the list of projects manually. To do so:
  1. Open the projects list by clicking
  2. Tap the button to the right of the "Projects" header
  3. to the right of the project names these icons will appear. Rearrange your projects by tapping and holding one of these icons and then dragging up or down
  4. After you finish sorting the projects, tap to the right of the "Projects" header
Done! This project order will only be visible to you.
The project name is displayed in one line on the web version of SAU and in two lines in the apps. Longer project names are truncated. By clicking on the name, you can open the list of tasks in the project. It will open in the view that was selected as default for the project.
In SAU there are personal projects (where you are the only participant) and team projects (when someone else is included in the project team). Their type is represented in the project panel by an icon to the left of the project name.
this icon means it's a personal project — no one else can see it
this icon means it's a team project — the owner and the participants have access to this project, its tasks, attachments, notifications, etc.
To the right of the project title there is an icon surrounded by a colored chart. It represents the status of the project's tasks:
completed tasks
tasks without a due date or scheduled for the future
overdue tasks
for more information on how task indicators are calculated, see "Indicators".
The larger the red bar in the chart, the more there are overdue tasks in the project, which means that this project requires more attention.
To the right of the project title there is an icon surrounded by a colored chart. The number inside the icon represents the total amount of tasks in the project, including all the tasks that were already completed and hidden.
A new project can be created using the projects panel.
To create a new project in SAU you only need to enter its name.
  1. Open the projects panel and click New project or at the bottom
  2. Enter the name of the project
  3. Press "Save"
The project is ready. Now you can fill it with tasks!