Some tasks are simple. A task like 'Buy bread' will be completed when the bread is bought. Others are a bit more complicated — for example, a task like 'Prepare a presentation' will be completed only when the author of the task decides that the presentation has been prepared. And sometimes the task cannot be completely finished (hint: in this case it is better to split it into several tasks). What is the right way to tackle your tasks?
  • Look carefully at the task description, attachments, checklists — maybe they have criteria for successful completion of the task.
  • If you use a check-list to divide a task into subtasks, then as soon as all the items on the check-list are done, you can mark the whole task as complete.
  • if you mark a task as complete, SAU will send an email and a push message to the task's initiator, and will also display the task on their dashboard.
  • If the task is reoccurring, the completion of the whole task means that it will no longer repeat.
You can mark a task as completed from anywhere!
In every SAU view there is a circle to the left of the task name, by clicking on which the task will be marked as completed.
You can even complete the task from its card. To do that:
  1. Open the projects panel and select a project
  2. Find the task you want to change and click on it. The task card will open
  3. Click on the circle to the left of the task's name. A green check mark will appear
A task can be completed with a single click in any view. All you have to do is click on the circle to the left of the task and it will be marked as complete!
The task's completion status can be reversed with a single click. Find a completed task in any view — in a ToDo list, on the Dashboard, through search, etc. Then just click on the check mark to the left of the task and it will become active again!