If you have problems installing the app on your watch, first check the system requirements, and make sure you have registered and logged into SAU.

If the installation was successful but the app still does not appear on the watch, check the permissions. To do so:
  1. Open the Watch app on your iPhone
  2. Scroll the list and look for SAU App in the "Installed on Apple Watch" section
  3. Tap it and check the setting "Show app on Apple Watch"
  4. Now tap My Watch, tap App View, then tap Arrangement
  5. Find the SAU app icon (white letter S with a blue background), hold the app icon, then drag it to a new location
  6. Check that SAU is now available on Apple Watch

If the message "Open SAU on your phone" is displayed on the watch after opening the app, open the SAU app on your tethered iPhone and ensure that:
  • You are logged into SAU
  • You have an active task for today
  • The app has been updated to the latest version

If the watch still does not show your tasks for today, try force-quitting the SAU app and launching it again. To do this:
  1. Press the side button on your watch to see opened apps
  2. Find the SAU App in the list and swipe it to the left
  3. Once it appears, tap the red button
  4. Press the digital crown to see the list of your apps
  5. Open SAU App
If you have any questions about the app, please contact our SAU technical support.