"My Profile" is a special form with all user parameters and his personal SAU settings.
For example, name, e-mail, photo, notification settings, password managing, and more.
You can change your name and photo directly in the My Profile on the website or in the application.
  1. Open the project sidebar and click on your photo (image)
  2. Tap "Edit profile" to change your Name
  3. Click on the photo
  4. Choose new photo or picture
  5. Position the photo and its scale so that the desired image fits completely into the area
  6. Change the name. Your new name will be shown to your team, will be used in mails, etc.
  7. Then tap "Save"
Email and account, cannot be changed in SAU. If you would like to make changes to this data, please contact support
If you use SAU App, you can change the password in the "My Profile".
  1. Open the project sidebar and tap on your photo (image)
  2. Tap Edit password
  3. Put the current password to "Old password" field, as well as enter a new one twice. Password must be 6 characters or more
  4. Tap Save. The password will be changed to sign in on all devices.
The "Settings" section is your personal configurator for notifications. You can set which emails and messages you want to receive from SAU. Here you can also change the first day of the week (will be displayed in calendars)
By default, the first day of the week is Monday. But you can easily choose another day (Saturday or Sunday).
  1. Open the project sidebar and tap on your photo (image)
  2. Tap Settings
  3. Select Monday, Sunday, or Saturday as a "First Day of Week"
What will this affect? The calendar will start from chosen day and we won't send you emails on weekends (we do not want to disturb you)
To sign out of your SAU app account use "My Profile".

Important! If at the time of signing out you have data that is not synchronized (for example, you worked offline), it will be totally lost!

  1. Open the project sidebar and tap on your photo (image)
  2. Tap "Log out"