Whatever project you have in mind, it can be planned, scheduled and monitored in SAU. All the most popular task and project management tools are already available across all your devices, including the phone and tablet apps and the web version.

Signing up for SAU takes less than 10 seconds. Simply enter your email and password, and you're ready to create your first projects and tasks.
At first your personal dashboard will be empty, but as soon as you create your first project and task, your widgets will start filling up with information. Use the blue bar at the bottom of the screen to create your first task. Simply enter its name and press . The project for the first task will be created automatically, and you will be able to change its name and settings anytime.

We recommend checking out our template selection — these are the projects for any occasion. They are ready to go, filled with tasks, links, files, descriptions and sometimes even dates. Templates can be accessed by clicking on the button on the grey vertical bar on the left.
To create a project open the project panel by clicking the button and select New project at the bottom. All you need to do next is specify a name and click Save.
The project is ready!

In the project card you can specify the people who can see the tasks and participate in them. This way you create a Project Team. Click Change Team in the project card and either select people from the suggested list or invite your friends, colleagues, relatives to SAU to participate in the project by clicking the button and specifying their email. By making a team project, you enable team members to see all project tasks and create their own, make changes to the project and task data, and receive notifications.
One of the most popular tools for working with tasks is the Task List. Create your first task in the project using the blue bar. The task will automatically be assigned to you (if the project is personal) and a deadline will be set to today. All new tasks will be added to the top of the list. You can manage tasks directly in the list:
  • select a new deadline for the task
  • assign the task to another user
  • move a task in the list
  • complete ✅ or cancel the task
  • see the status of the task
  • check the completed task settings
  • delete the task
You can view all details of a task and complete the tasks by clicking on the task name to open its card. That's where the task description, checklists, attachments, frequency and even reminders for the task are. Similarly, you can view project details by clicking on the three dots in the top right corner and selecting About the project.

In addition to the list, there are other views in SAU. You can switch between them in the menu under the project name.
  • The table makes it possible to display any additional task data directly on the main screen.
  • The board makes it easy to organise and visualise the project by stage or by the type of task.
  • The tracker  — is a handy tool for dealing with repeating tasks. With a tracker, you can mark the same task regularly, track your progress and motivate yourself to keep working.
  • The calendar allows you to conveniently manage task deadlines, see each day's and user's workload, and quickly reassign tasks during the month.
In all views you can change the user, deadline, task status and its order in the list, and see if any additional parameters are available.
You can create an unlimited number of projects, which can have any number of tasks and participants. All your projects (as well as those to which you have been invited) are available on the Project Panel. to open it, press the button in the upper left corner. Each project has an icon indicating whether it's a personal or a team project. If a color has been assigned to the project, it will be displayed to the left of the project name. To the right of the name is the number of tasks in the project and their overall status.

The Indicator represents the task status based on its due date and completion.
task is complete
task has no due date, or the due date has not yet arrived
task is overdue — the specified deadline has arrived, but the task has not yet been completed
This indication is used all across SAU — on dashboards, in task and project lists, in notifications and emails — to illustrate the status of tasks, projects and assignees.

You can set up notifications for any project or task. Notifications will either be immediately pushed to your phone or arrive in periodic digests to your email. All settings can be changed in your User Profile.

The personal dashboard also displays the most important information about your tasks in widgets. If you click on a widget with the number of tasks or on the productivity chart bar, you can see a list of relevant tasks. In this list, tasks can also be marked as completed, due dates or any task details can be changed via its card.
SAU is available on all your favorite devices.
SAU.app is available on the web through any modern browser. It is also adapted for tablets and phones.
SAU app is available in the App Store for iPhone and iPad. There are also versions of the app for Apple Watch and macOS.
SAU apps for iOS, macOS and Apple Watch
SAU app is also available on Google Play for Android phones and tablets.
SAU app for Android
For Huawei phones and tablets, the SAU app is available from the AppGallery.
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