"My Profile" is a special form with all user parameters and his personal SAU settings.
For example, name, e-mail, photo, notification settings, password managing, and more.

You can change your name and photo directly in the My Profile on the website or in the application.
  1. Open the project sidebar and click on your photo (image)
  2. Select "Profile" in SAU web-version
  3. By default, your "Name" is your email, but you can change it to any name. It will be shown in tasks and projects
  4. Tap "Edit profile" in the App to change your Name
  5. Click on the photo
  6. Choose new photo or picture
  7. Position the photo and its scale so that the desired image fits completely into the area
  8. In the website click , to set a photo to Profile. Or click to keep previous
  9. Then tap "Save"
Email, like account, cannot be changed in SAU. If you would like to make changes to this data, please contact support