The board helps you neatly set up and show your project visually. It's great for any type of project, whether it's personal, work-related, sports, a diet plan, or planning your career. Each board column is like a small list of tasks that are easy to see and review together.
The board works well for projects that:
  • have clear steps, like a 'Home Renovation' project with steps such as 'Inspiration', 'Design', 'Planning', 'Actual Work', and 'Final Touches'
  • involve different kinds of tasks, like a 'Learn English' project with categories like 'Teacher Lessons', 'Homework', 'TV Shows', and 'Books'
  • require sorting tasks by importance, like making columns for 'Important', 'Urgent', 'First Priority', and 'Work Order'
  • follow a business process, like many IT projects with stages like 'Draft', 'Ready to Start', 'In Progress', 'Testing', 'Review', and 'Completed'
In SAU, the board lets you easily move tasks where they need to go, change or add columns as you like, and see everything clearly to finish your project successfully.