You can add collaborators to the project team whether they already use SAU or don't even have a SAU account yet.
  1. Open the projects panel and pick a project
  2. In the project, click in the upper right corner
  3. Select About the project. The project card will open
  4. Add one or more new collaborators by selecting them in the "Team" field.
    When adding new collaborators, the list will show all users that are involved in any of your other projects. If the list is long, a search box will be available above the list — just enter a few letters of the name to search for someone specific
  5. If the person you're looking for isn't on the list, you can invite them to the project or even to join SAU by simply by entering their email - tap Add user to team and tap located at the top right corner. Type an email and tap "Send." New member will be added to the team, and the invitation will be sent to his email
  6. Press "Save" after you're done making changes
If you invite three or more people and they end up accepting your invitation and joining SAU, we SAU Premium Pro.