Ready-made templates for various projects are available in SAU. There are templates for every occasion: for life, for work, even for the soul. Every project comes with tasks, all the useful links have been attached to them and sometimes there are even deadlines. Just pick a project that suits you and get to work! A full gallery of templates with descriptions and previews of the tasks is available on the website in the " templates" section, in the "Templates" section on the web portal, and on the app by tapping the button on the sidebar.
To create a project from a template:
  1. Open the project panel
  2. Tap the button
  3. Find the appropriate project and tap "Use Template" or "Create a project from this template"
In a few seconds the new project will be created and opened automatically. This is now your project. You can add and delete tasks, change titles and due dates and invite friends to the project team.