Push notifications are available on Apple and Android devices (except Huawei) if you have the SAU app installed and are logged in. Notifications about the number of tasks for the day should arrive in the morning. You will also receive notifications of new tasks and reminders if you have activated them in the task card. If the notifications don't appear, try checking the following:
  1. Open the Settings app on your device, go to Notifications, find the SAU app in the list and check that you have allowed it to send notifications
  2. Open the SAU app. Go to your profile and make sure you have ticked the checkboxes which allow you to receive specific notifications
  3. Check that you have tasks you can be notified about. Open any task where you are the assignee, set today as the due date and set the reminder to go off in a couple of minutes. If you get a notification at that time, everything is working as it should
  4. If push notifications arrive at a strange time, there is an error in your time zone. Please contact us, we will help
If you still have questions or problems with receiving notifications, be sure to contact our support team.